eSHRAM Card 2022 Update | How to get benefits of eshram 2 lakh Insurance

Do you know what is eSHRAM Card 2022? And what are its benefits and what are the facilities provided by the Government of India to the e-shram card holders so far? And today we are going to tell you about the schemes given by the Government of India in this labour card and eSHRAM  Card Update 2022 in this post. As you have seen written in the description of this post that the e-shram cardholder gets an insurance cover of ₹ 200000 (two lakh rupees). How this insurance cover is available, when is it available, and what is the application process for taking it, along with it and we will discuss many topics related to it, so it is a humble request to you that you read our post completely so that labour card You can get all the related information.

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Latest Update on eSHRAM  Card 2022

Friends, today we are going to inform you that this insurance cover of ₹ 200000 is now available to the eSHRAM card holder. But before that, we should also know that after all what is e-shram card, how is it made, what are the necessary documents for this, and apart from this, what information we have to give in our eSHRAM card, then first we Let us discuss all these topics in brief. By the way, we have written a complete post about it earlier also, if you want detailed information related to what is eSHRAM card, then now you can go to our post and read it, but in some information, we are going to give it here as well.

What is NDUW?

NDUW stands for National Database of unrecognized Workers, and as per the order of the Government of India, a database of unrecognized workers is being created by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, under which eSHRAM portal has been developed. Under this, every worker who is registered is also being given a certificate of unrecognized Workers, which we know by the name E Shram Card.

What is eSHRAM card?

eSHRAM card is a card given to the unrecognized workers, through which the citizens working in the unrecognized sectors are given information related to their work and they are given an identity through a Unique Identification Number (UAN), that these citizen unrecognized. Do this type of work in the field. So that in the coming time, if the Government of India comes up with a new scheme, then according to the data of the eSHRAM card, the benefit of this scheme can be given to the workers working in these unrecognized sectors.

eSHRAM Card 2022 Update

How to get eSHRAM  card?

The eSHRAM card scheme has been brought by the Modi government and if a citizen working in the unrecognized sector wants to adopt an e-shram card, then he has to first get himself registered. He will have to go to his nearest CSC center to get his registration done and if his mobile number is linked with his Aadhar card then he can apply for an eShram card himself and this eSHRAM card is generated immediately. The official website of the eSHRAM card is, you can get your eSHRAM   card by clicking on it. What is the process to get the eSHRAM card – we have already written the complete details in one of our posts, if you want to read that post, then you can go to our post from the link given below and related registration in e eSHRAM card You can get all the information.

E shram card New Update 2022: Check Payment Status

Features of eSHRAM  Scheme?

  • ESHRAM Portal (NDUW) was launched on 26 August 2021 by the Union Employment Minister of India, Shri Bhupendra Yadav.
  • Information on the database of about 476 crore workers working in the unrecognized sector in the country will be available on the ESHRAM Portal (NDUW) so that it can be used by the Central Government when required.
  • A person working in the unrecognized sector will not need to register himself again once he is registered.
  • Along with this, all the persons working in the organized sector will not need to register themselves on the e-Shram portal as their UAN number has already been provided by the concerned company under EPFO.
  • A card is being given to all the workers registered on the ESHRAM Portal (NDUW) under the E-Shram Yojana, in which a unique 12-digit number will be available, which is also called a UAN number.
  • According to the database of workers present in NDUW, it will be of great help to the central government to bring various types of government schemes related to them in their interest and to conduct them.
  • Workers registered in NDUW will also be given benefits under PM Suraksha Bima Yojana. But in all the years except the initial year, this security insurance plan will have to be renewed by paying ₹ 12.
  • The movement of workers registered in NDUW from the informal sector to the formal sector and vice-versa, their skill development, etc. will be monitored by the government so that they can provide them appropriate work related to them.
  • Workers who are already registered with EPFO ​​or ESIC cannot register themselves in NDUW.

    Eshram Card New Update 2022

So far the benefit is given in the e-shram card

The Government of India had transferred the installments of ₹ 500- ₹ 500 to the beneficiary’s bank accounts ranging from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 2000 to almost all the citizens registered under the Shram Card Scheme. And this payment came by the government from December 2021 to March 2022. But after this, no more money has been transferred to the eSHRAM card, but there is nothing to panic about here, we are going to inform you about more benefits under this scheme, but before that, we also have to It should be known who can get the eSHRAM card made.

Who can get E shram card?

All those citizens of India working in the unrecognized sectors can adopt an eSHRAM card, whose EPF is not deducted. Also, they can also get the eSHRAM card made by all the poor citizens and those who are agricultural labours and landless farmers. they can also get the eSHRAM card, as well as such citizens who use street tracks, can also adopt eSHRAM cards, if we talk about the age limit, then let us tell you the age of the person to get the eSHRAM card from 16 years to 59 years Should be.

Students studying in school colleges can also get e eSHRAM card made

Let us also tell you here that students studying in schools and colleges can also get their e-shram card made and the age should be 16 years or more and that students can do various types of unrecognized work to run their livelihood along with their studies. Work in the areas, in this situation these students can adopt and get the eSHRAM card made. All these students must also be above 16 years of age. Here we will also give you some information that who is not eligible for the eSHRAM card.

What type of citizens cannot take advantage of this eSHRAM card

Under this e-shram card scheme run by Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Those people who can not get eShram Card who come in tax slab. that is, That is, only such persons cannot get the eSHRAM Card , who pay income tax. We are also taking advantage of many types of schemes like CPS / NPS / EPF / ESIC. Those citizens also cannot get an eSHRAM card made under the eSHRAM scheme.

eSHRAM Card 2022 Update

what is the unrecognized sector?

Friends, in this post of ours today, the unrecognized sector has been discussed many times, for this, it becomes necessary for us to know what is the unrecognized sector. Selling or providing any kind of service and only 10 or fewer workers work in these units and all such work does not come under ESIC and EPFO. That is, in simple words, such small establishments or units which have 10 or fewer workers and ESIC and EPF of those workers are not deducted.

Now we are going to talk further, about whether the eSHRAM card holder gets insurance cover of up to ₹ 200000 under the eSHRAM card and what are the facilities that are provided to these eSHRAM card holders.

Some Examples of workers working in the unrecognized sector

Although all those people can register themselves on E Shram Portal, still we are going to give some examples here, who are these people who come from the unrecognized sector?

  • Persons such as small and marginal farmers, landless agricultural workers, fishermen, cattle rearers, generation rolling, etc., labeling and packing work in brick kilns, stone quarries, leather artisans, Weavers, etc. workers come under this category. Persons who fall under the category of bonded workers, migrant workers, or daily wage workers.
  • Along with this, all the workers of toddy makers, head loaders, animal driven vehicles can get their eSHRAM card made.
  • Domestic workers, barbers, fruit and vegetable sellers, newspaper sellers, village to-village cloth sellers, electricians, motor mechanics, household goods repairers, masons, rickshaw pullers, hawkers, tailors, sewing teachers, and more All these persons can register themselves on the e-shram portal.

eShram card holder gets ₹ 200000 (two lakhs)

Under the eSHRAM card scheme, an insurance cover of up to ₹ 200000 is provided to the eSHRAM card holder under the PM Suraksha Bima Yojana, such as if an eSHRAM card holder dies during an accident, then in such a situation, the Government of India. ₹ 200000 is provided as financial assistance to the family members of the registered Nominee or eSHRAM card holder in the eSHRAM card.

How to get ₹200000 cover insurance under eSHRAM card

We inform you about this that if a person dies in an accident, who is registered in the E Shram Card scheme, then in that case there is no way to get this insurance cover of ₹ 200000. The online process has also not been started, but for the insurance cover online application, some changes are going on in the website right now, due to which after some time we and you will also be able to apply online for this insurance cover.

Right now, to get this insurance, you can apply in only one way, that is by phone call, if the eSHRAM card holder dies due to an accident here, then in that case to get an insurance cover of ₹ 200000. For this, one has to call on the card’s toll-free number 14434 and there they have to give all kinds of information like when the death happened due to which reason, where was it, along with it some documents are also required which are given below have been written.

What is the relation between PMSBY and eSHRAM ?

As you all know that eShram Cardholder is given an accident insurance cover of ₹ 200000 but now it comes to how the insurance of ₹ 200000 works. So let us tell you here the way you have to enroll yourself for the Prime Minister’s Security Insurance Scheme PMSBY, which is automatically deducted from your bank account. But if you get eSHRAM made then all eSHRAM card holders are applied in the PMSBY scheme by the Ministry of eSHRAM and Employment, Government of India and the premium for its first year will also be borne by the Ministry of eSHRAM and Employment, Government of India.

Documents required to get ₹ 200000 insurance cover

Under this scheme, if you want to claim an insurance cover of ₹ 200000, then in that case you will need all the documents given below which you will also have to submit if needed.

  • Applicant’s e-Shram Card
  • Nominee’s e-Shram Card
  • Aadhar card of applicant and nominee
  • Bank account number to receive the amount of insurance
  • Death certificate of the deceased etc.

Children of workers holding Uttar Pradesh eSHRAM cards will get free education

This is very good news for all those who are eSHRAM card holders not only in Uttar Pradesh but all over India because the Government of India and the state government together are coming forward to provide other facilities to the eSHRAM card holders. It is proving to be very helpful for the eSHRAM card holders.

We also want to give you the good news that the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh has now made a big announcement that it has been agreed to provide free education to the children of eSHRAM card holders registered in the eSHRAM card. And it may also happen that from this session this facility will be opened for the eSHRAM card holders.

Another big announcement of the Uttar Pradesh government

The Uttar Pradesh government has made another big announcement that now about 8 crores 26 lakh people registered on the UPCMYOgi Ji eSHRAM portal also have to give the benefit of Mukhyamantri Jan Arogya Yojana. been asked to cover under.

your questions and answers

What is UAN Number?

UAN number is the 12-digit number that is written on the eSHRAM card after the person is registered on the eSHRAM portal. Keep in mind its specialty is that the way you change anything in the Aadhar card, then everything changes in it, but the Aadhar number is the same forever.

Are there any criteria for an  eSHRAM card

There is no criterion for making an eSHRAM card, but keep in mind that the person who pays income tax should not be included in this scheme.

What should be the eligibility for registration of an eSHRAM card?

To be registered in the eSHRAM card, all those people working in any type of unrecognized sector, whose age ranges from 16 years to 59 years, can apply.

How to register yourself for an  eSHRAM   card

A citizen of India who is working in the unrecognized sector can register himself automatically on the e-shram portal or he can register himself by visiting the official website of the e-shram portal and if he is not successful in registering. Then you can get yourself registered by visiting your nearest CSC center.

How to update your details for eSHRAM card holders?

If you have to update the information of your eSHRAM card, then you can update this information automatically through this link https://eSHRAM or you can also update your card by visiting the center nearest to you. You can update the information.

What is NCO?

The full form of NCO is the National Classification of Occupation by NCO Code.

What is PM Suraksha Insurance Scheme?

Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana is an accidental insurance scheme, under which people in the age group of 18 years to 70 years are eligible. Under this scheme, financial assistance of ₹ 200000 for accidental death and permanent disability and ₹ 100000 is provided by the Government of India for permanent disability. In the eSHRAM card also, through this insurance scheme, insurance of ₹ 200000 is available.

Is there any helpdesk I can contact to resolve my queries?

If you have any kind of complaint or query related to this eSHRAM registration or you can contact the eSHRAM help desk number 14434 or you can also call on 10 digit number given by CSC. can find a solution to the problem.

What to do in case of death of an e Shram Cardholder?

In case of death of any e Shram card holder, the nominee or his/her family member can make his/her claim through the e Shram portal or CSC along with relevant documents.

Where do I have to go to get my complaint resolved?

If you have any problem regarding the eSHRAM card and want to solve it then you can call the above helpline number 14434 or you can register your complaint on the portal.

What should I do when I turn 60?

You should not be worried about what you will have to do after your age, tell that when you attain 60 years of age, then you will not need to take any kind of action. But even then you will continue to get benefits under the eSHRAM scheme.

Can we update our photo on the eSHRAM portal?

No, you cannot update the photo in your eSHRAM card because this photo is uploaded from the Aadhar Server which is attached to your Aadhar card. But if you come after updating the photo of your Aadhar card then it will get updated on the ESHRM portal and also after getting your Aadhaar authentication done with it.

Can a farmer register himself on the eSHRAM portal?

Let us tell you here that only agricultural workers and landless farmers are eligible to register themselves on the eSHRAM portal, apart from this, no other farmer is eligible to register himself on this portal.

Is there any time limit to registering on eSHRAM portal?

No, you can register yourself on the eSHRAM portal anytime there is no last date and you can register yourself 24 x 7 on the eSHRAM portal for registration.

Will the benefit of the accident insurance scheme of ₹ 200000 be available?

Yes, if you are registered on the eSHRAM portal and you have completed 1 year after that you are eligible for the accident insurance scheme that happened this year, and the conditions you will have to pay the installment of this year’s accident insurance plan ₹ 12.

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