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Welcome to all of you on upcmyogi.com my name is in Udham singh the founder of upcmyogi I publish government schemes on this and share some information about them with you I am a resident of Uttar Pradesh

If you have any problem in any information related to any plan related to the website or are seeing any problem, then you can contact us by signing up on the contact phone given below and also question us through comment. can ask can connect with us through facebook youtube below

I am Creator of this Website. upcmyogi.com

This website get all information for up scheme

  • UP Pension
  • UP Ration card
  • UP Rojgar Yojna
  • UP scholarship yojna
  • Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana
  • UP Free Tablet/Smart Phone Scheme
  • UP Scholarship Scheme
  • Uttar Pradesh Marriage Grant Scheme
  • Chief Minister Abhyudaya Yojana
  • Chief Minister Migrant Workers Entrepreneurship Development Scheme
  • UP easy installment scheme
  • UP News
  • Finance and Insurance related information
  • Online earning

Name :- Virendra Kumar

Email :- upcmyogi9012@gmail.com



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Virendra KUmar

Virendra KUmar

My name is Virendra Kumar and I publish government schemes which are taken on government side and by newspapers I try to explain them in simple language by reading them well.